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KELLY MARIE – Do you like it like that?

17 Jun

Masturbation Disco? For Sure…

(Comment by Nick)

QUEEN – Sheer heart attack

5 Jun

Like it or not Queen were influential and with some surprising pure metallic underground moments.Another one Victory for Mercury…

(Comment by Nick)

SHEILA and B. DEVOTION – Disque d’Or

4 Jun

LALO SCHIFRIN – Black widow

3 Jun


3 Jun

CRISTAL – Five letters

3 Jun

PLASTIC BERTRAND – Slave to the beat

1 Jun

Who is Plastic Bertrand?Born in Belgium and birth named Roger Jouret was the drummer for the first pure punk rock band of Brussels in late seventees,The Hubble Bubble.The H.B were too good to be true,playing a harsh hybrid of British fuelled pop punk and stylish freakbeat-mainly influenced from early period The Who,adding some studio trickery.This”manufactured sound”in their first album perhaps opened the doors for the ”punk” critics for naming
a small part of this movement as Novelty Punk and bands like Johnny Palermo,Charlie Fawn,Fruit Eating Bears etc.After a dissaponting Europop themed second album Roger Jouret became Plastic Bertrand,signed to Sire,got the backing band of English individual Elton Motello and covered his great song”Jet Boy Jet Girl”sending him to the pop/punk skies and becoming the favorite new wave artist of Joe Strummer.The rest is history…

(Comment by Nick)

AZOTO – Disco fizz

27 May

PULSE 3 – Rock disco

25 May

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