Greece Goes Modern!

17 Dec

B-otherside” records, in collaboration with Plan59 and Belle Vue magazine,  has just re-issued on vinyl the “holy grail” of greek jazz/rock discography,  “Greece Goes Modern”  by Mimis Plessas and the Orbiters.

It’s released in 350 copies, but due to high demand of the record, “B-otherside” announced immediately an additional pressing of the lp, on clear vinyl (so all of you that can’t locate a copy for sale in a reasonable price, just be patient for a couple of weeks).

greece  goes modern

Originally recorded in 1966 (and released on lp in 1967 by “Music-Box“) for the needs of an advertising broadcast for “Fix” beer, the 10 tracks of the album are greek traditional folk songs masterfully treated in a modern way by Mimis Plessas and his band, the Orbiters. Played  ultra-loungy and with some “freak-out”/fuzzy guitar overtones (!), they follow a refreshing, jazzy direction without losing their folk originality!

The Orbiters were:

Andreas Ortega (flute and guitar)
Igor Raniets (drums and percussion)
Titos Kalliris (electric guitar)
Nikos Guinos (clarinet and flute)
Andreas Rodousakis (bass)
Mimis Plessas (Philicorda)

The original sleeve artwork is by painter and stage designer Vassilis Fotopoulos (Academy Award winner for Art Direction of the film  “Zorba”)

Now, after 45 years, the album is re-released, by kind permission of the composer himself.

mimis plessas

4 Responses to “Greece Goes Modern!”

  1. Στηβ December 18, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    ποτε ακριβως θα βρισκεται στα δισκαδικα?

    • plan59 December 19, 2012 at 12:43 am #

      Μάλλον την επόμενη εβδομάδα.

  2. Nick January 10, 2013 at 1:12 am #

    Ηδη Rare as Hell…Υπομονη θιασωτεs τηs εγχωριαs δισκοπαραγωγηs ερχεται και δευτερο αγοραστικο Τσουναμι! Με αγαπη…


  1. Greece Goes Modern in clear vinyl! | - March 16, 2013

    […] More information about the album here […]

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