70’s single by K. Monogios

30 Nov

ΚΩΝ. ΜΟΝΟΓΥΙΟΣ – Φίλε μου με το σταυρό / Η ζωή σιγά πεθαίνει

(ASTRON – AS 632 / 1974)

monogios single

(K. Monogios – My friend with the cross  / Life is slowly dying)

This amazing 7” single of cult singer Konstantinos Monogios was released in 1974, by the small “ASTRON” record company. Although most of the company’s releases of the era were greek folk songs, this single is one of the finest moments of 70’s greek rock discography. Both sides are groovy rock songs with imaginative, organ/piano-driven melodies (backed by solid rhythmic section, fine guitar playing and even some electronic sound effects), artfully played by K. Ganoselis and his orchestra.

It remains one of the rarest 70’s greek singles as the  “ASTRON” company was tending to a more folkish audience and the distribution of the particular single was very limited. Monogios today is a folk singer.

YouTube link:

ΚΩΝ. ΜΟΝΟΓΥΙΟΣ – Η ζωή σιγά πεθαίνει

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