Stan “Elvis” Oberst

25 Jun

STAN OBERST – Why, tell me why / Miracles can happen (LYRA – 5107)

…Other talent had been emerging at school. One of the class of ’66 was Stan Oberst, a quick-witted native of Missouri who had been the only one on the school bus when I boarded on the first day of school in September 1964, and hence had become my very first school friend. To say that Stan was an Elvis Presley fanatic would be a dire understatement. He lived and breathed Elvis – as he still does! (He’s the author of Elvis Presley: Rockin’ Across Texas, Follow That Dream Records/BMG, 2005). Stan had a good Presleyesque baritone which eventually came to the attention of Mimis Plessas, a leading Greek composer and jazzman. Plessas penned for him two sides of a 45, “Why, Tell Me Why”/”Miracles Can Happen,” with lyrics by Stan’s sister Diane. The songs are smooth, slick night-clubby numbers with what would now be considered excessive reverb. The record was released on the Lyra label, and remains a sought-after rarity. (The following year Stan joined Loubogg briefly to record a cover of Cliff Richard’s “Blue Turns to Grey,” and seemed set on a youthful music career. He remained in Greece for a few years more, got married and returned to America. He now lives in Waco, Texas.)…

Excerpt from  “Drums Under The Sun”, an account of how rock and roll got transplanted to Greece in the early and mid-1960s (by Johnny Carr, drummer of the Zoo).

You can find it at

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stan oberst – miracles can happen

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