Litis & Izoldi, weird folk 7” single!

14 Oct

Λήτης & Ιζόλδη – Ο Δράκος του Πάρκου / Η Βροχή

(Happening records – HP1002)

Litis & Izoldi – O drakos tou Parkou / I Vrohi (Happening records – HP1002)

The first release of 80’s cult greek singer/songwriter Litis, is an amazing acid-folk gem, with guitar, piano (played by JohnnyAlex from “Vavoura band”), flute, violin (played by greek folk-progressive “hero” Iraklis Triantafillidis), harmonica and percussions (by D. Dimitrakas of “Schmetterling”).

Giving the listener an early-70’s eerie folk feeling, on side A the duo sings the story of a man arrested for attacking children in the park. Side B is in the same psych-folk vein, with dreamy vocals and hippie lyrics.


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