JENNY VANOU top 3 singles!

14 Aug

Three favorite singles from the best female singer of the Greek music scene…

1. “Το ποτάμι/Μικρή μου σελήνη/Νυχτα βασίλισσά μου/Ανεμώνη”

Her first (?) e.p. with 4 tracks. She sings greek folk songs with a slight modern touch, while the orchestra backs softly her beautiful sad voice, offering a haunting jazzy feeling.

It was also issued in Holland by Philips !


2. Θα θελ’ απόψε / Πες μου

Excellent cool jazz tracks with the orchestra of George Theodosiadis and Vanou giving an incredible performance…


3. Μαρμάρωσε η θάλασσα / Μου λες να ξεχάσω

Here it’s the orchestra of Mimis Plessas that backs Jenny Vanou. A side has a wonderful rhythmic tempo, while the b side is another great love ballad…

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